Skip Bin Dos and Don’t

Do’s and Don’ts when Using Skip Bins

  • When operating the bin there are various things that you are supposed to do. The following are some of the do’s:
  • You should keep the bin outside the house where it’s easily accessible in the morning during the collection date. This is to minimize time spent in collecting the bins from one place to another. This is also to avoid the bin being left behind if you are not in the house and that your large rubbish bin for collection purposes is not ignored.
  • You should return the bin to the supplier at the speculated time and date.
  • You should keep other waste materials from the house in a paper beside the bin for empting.
  • You should mark your bin to easily identify and to avoid being lost.


  • You should not overfill the bin since it has to be closed when being transported for waste disposal. This will prevent waste from spreading to other places making it dirty and can pollute the environment. The waste products may consist of rotten food substances and vegetables which may have a bad odour thus polluting the air. It would be very unhealthy to transport the bin without being covered.
  • You should put waste materials for recycling in a separate paper if you do not have a specific container used for dumping recycling waste.
  • You should not dump too heavy objects in the bin for easier lifting when collecting for waste disposal.
  • You should not leave the bin behind when you move to another house or office. This is because you will be responsible for payment another bin. It will cost you a lot of money than it would have before.
  • You should keep extra waste materials in a separate paper if it can’t fit in the bin to be collected after it’s emptied. This will help to keep the environment clean.